Source code, papers, documentation and corpora for major projects. Older or collaborative projects may no longer be working. If you are interested in continuing work on any project or need help trouble-shooting, feel free to drop me an email and I'll see if I can get you started.

Corpus of Non-Trivial Comparative Anaphora Samples

The full 512 item corpus of non-trivial, text-internal samples of comparative anaphora, as well as 3825 automatically extracted coreferent mention pairs from OntoNotes used in my bachelor thesis.

Association Based Semantic Induction Tools from Heidelberg

Absinth provides a novel graph based approach to word sense induction for Task 11 of SemEval-2013, combining work from multiple fields of natural language processing, most notably Hyperlex (Véronis, 2004) and sentiment propagation (Hamilton et al, 2016).


We provide a tool for measuring Latin verse, as well as a web application highlighting results and providing helpful annotation of phenomena that lead to this classification.